PRTHAILAND provides a platform for promoting articles, thought and attitudes, academic papers or other PR-related research, including organizational communication, integrated marketing communication, mass media communication, broadcasting, radio, television, digital technologies and other creative aspects relevant to Thailands development. PRTHAILAND reserves the right to select and, in rare cases, modify the content of the submitted works and their bibliography. It is also mandatory that those submitting papers have written the works themselves and will be solely responsible for any dispute that arises as a result of the published works.

Communication for Development

To archive information, knowledge, articles and research on public relations, organizational communication, marketing and mass communication, communication technology and digital media. The objective is to introduce an integrated research tool, from which methodologies can be developed for PR personnel at all levels and to contribute, more effectively, to socio-economic advancement.

Platform for Thoughts

To provide a platform for innovative thoughts and continuous research in the hope of supporting professional improvement for the young people, personnel and communities and creating a multi-dimensional, social network that will ensure the countrys stable and fruitful development.

All about Thai

To gather a wealth of information, knowledge, research and thought, which reflect Thailand and Thai-ness, with the intention not only fanning national pride but also encouraging reverence for Thailands key institutions by means of image promotion both nationally and internationally.